Making the complex simple to work with.

Why See Saw Draw?
- There are two sides for every story and one of them it's visual.
- We bring the balance between knowing and showing.
- We bring fun to your meetings, events and communications.

Who we are?
We are both a creative consultancy and an agent of social change.
Our company commitment is to elevating human potential and awareness and translating that into performance.

What we do?
We create graphical business tools which allow diverse groups to quickly gain shared understanding.
In other words:
Visual thinking workshops
Real-time graphics, live in the room
Graphics we prepared earlier
Graphic templates for great meetings

Faces behind the project
Filipa Lacerda - Architect, Strategic Designer and illustrator
Inês Sousa -Mechanical Engineering student and Organizer of TEDxUniversityofPorto

Please contact us to explore how we can bring thoughts to life for everyone to see.